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About Flash Dance Co

Struck by Lightning

Meet Founder, Owner and Main Instructor of Flash Dance Co


Taylor Goodrich


My family moved to Boerne in 2004.  Having danced since the age of three, I continued dancing on school teams as a Boerne High School Starlette and graduated Captain of the Champion Charms Dance Team at Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School. As I went off to college, started my career in Speech-Language-Pathology, got married and started raising my three children, dance quickly disappeared from my life. I didn't realize the effect at the time until the storm of 2020. Despite the blessings of my children, husband and career, my body, mind, and heart were functioning at a personal, record, low. Like a bolt of lightning, I realized that dance was what was missing.  However, as I tried to start dancing again, I was frustrated by the lack of options for adult dance classes/studios that weren’t professional level or fitness styles. When I could find classes they were specific to one genre and/or one level of difficulty.  To save time driving and money spent on multiple memberships for specialized studios, the inspiration of Flash Dance Company was born.   


Dancing is a healer’s art. Not only does it strengthen your muscles and joints; it strengthens your mind, memory, and heart.  I can’t think of a better way to serve myself, my family, my friends and my community than providing a home of dance.  While 2020 was my hardest year of personal struggle, there are countless others who suffered unbearable trials from COVID and continue to struggle.  Debilitating mental health is at a record high and personal connection to oneself/others is in crisis.  Flash Dance Co is the studio for the community that serves the community by providing fun, energizing, and uplifting dance experiences where anyone can start, recover or continue their Flash Dance journey!  

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