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Our Staff

Owner, Instructor

Taylor Goodrich

Hi! I'm Taylor Goodrich and I am the creator, founder, owner and main instructor of Flash Dance Co. Growing up, I had the privilege of dancing and performing from small to big audiences (talent shows, church dances, Boerne Middle School South Pep Squad, Boerne High School Starlettes and Champion Charms).  In 2009 BHS was renovated and my class helped create new, spirit, traditions of Champion High School including naming the dance team, choreographing the fight song, picking uniforms, etc.  I graduated class of 2010 from CHS as Dance Captain of the Champion Charms.  My love for dance, performing arts, community and service were all thanks to the roots I set in Boerne during my adolescent days. 


Throughout the chaos of school, work and parenting, dance disappeared from my life for 8+ years.  The void of the Arts taught me the most important lesson: Your family doesn't need a perfect mom-they need a happy mom.   Fighting for happiness is a constant juggling act especially as you "adult". My mission is to uplift myself, my family, and my community through dancing.  Flash Dance Co is not just a studio, it's a home for ALL who find joy through movement and want to dance like everyone's watching! Whether you're a former dancer like me, afraid to dance, or a professional, Flash Dance Co is your place to be! It's Time to Dance.  


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